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Gurgen Aslanyan, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and MS in Economics Program Chair at the Manoogian Simone College of Business & Economics; PhD (CERGE-EI), BSc (Yerevan State)
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Assistant Professor
Manoogian Simone College of Business & Economics
PAB 209W

Econ201 Economics & Public Policy
Econ225 Development Economics
Econ228 International Economics
Econ305 Economic Analysis and Communication

Office hours: by appointment

Public Finance, Taxation and Trade
Economics Research Lab (Dilijan)

Program Chair, MS in Economics
President, Armenian Economic Association

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Short Bio:

Dr Aslanyan is a Development Economist with a focus on policy evaluation. Over the years he has consulted private and public sector, such as the Central Bank of Armenia, and as a researcher has been affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania and the Czech Academy of Sciences. A full a time faculty at AUA, he has also been teaching (classroom, seminars, training) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia, Russia, the UK, and the US.


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Aslanyan, G. & Cvečić, I. (2019). Melting Pot v Cultural Mosaic through the Lens of Public Finance. Armenian Journal of Economics, 4, 1-23.
Aslanyan, G. (2014). The Migration Challenge for PAYG. Journal of Population Economics, 27 (4), 1023-1038.

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