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Hasmik Khalapyan
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Assistant Professor, PhD in History, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary; MA in English Literature, Miami University, OH
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Assistant Professor
General Education, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
060 61 2522
PAB Room 118W

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:30pm-2:30pm, or by appointment

118W PAB

Ottoman history; Women's history; social change and social movements; education; online education.

Academic Director, AGBU Armenian Virtual College (2009-2020)

My view: (Please briefly describe your view on the three concepts below)

Education is key to a more equitable, sustainable and peaceful future.
Seeking out and extracting evidence from archives is the most gratifying feeling for a historian.
Linking campus teaching and learning to the society at large is the civic responsibility of faculty and students.

Short Bio:

Hasmik Khalapyan holds an M.A. in English Literature from Miami University, OH and a PhD in History from Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. She has carried out archival research in Ottoman history in archives and libraries in Armenia, Austria , France and Turkey. Her research interests include: concepts and histories of social change in local/global perspective; Ottoman history (19th and 20thcenturies); women’s movements worldwide in comparative perspective; theories and histories of empires and colonialism; gender and international law; theories and practices of online education. She has been published in international journals and edited volumes in English, and has been translated to Turkish.


“The Armenian Theater in Asia Minor, 1860s to 1912” in Armenian Community in Asia Minor¸ed. Richard Hovannisian (UCLA, 2014)
“Azniv Hrachia’s Autobiography as a Historical Source for Study of Theater and the World Beyond Ramifications” in Celebration, Entertainment and Theater in the Ottoman World, eds. Suraiya Faroqhi and Arzu Ozturkmen (Seagull, NYU: 2014)
“Acting as Career for Ottoman Armenian Women” in A Social History of Late Ottoman Women: New Perspectives, ed. Duygu Köksal and Anastassia Falierou (Brill: The Netherlands, 2013).
“Kendine Ait Bir Feminizm: Zabel Yesayan’ın Hayatı ve Faaliyetleri ” [“A Feminism of Her Own: Zabel Yessayan’s Life and Activism”], trans. Maral Aktokmakyan, in Bir Adalet Feryadı: Osmanlı’dan Türkiye’ye Beş Ermeni Feminist Yazar 1862 - 1933 [A Cry for Justice, Five Armenian Feminist Writers from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic, 1862-1933], eds. Lerna Ekmekcioglu and Melissa Bilal (Aras Publishing House: Istanbul, 2006).
“Women’s Education, Labour or Charity: Significance of Needlework Among Ottoman Armenians.” Women’s History Magazine (Summer 2006).

"The 'New Woman' for the 'New Nation:' The Woman’s Question and Feminism Defined Among Ottoman Armenians. EVN Report (March 8, 2020).

"Marriage Law and Culture: Ottoman Armenians and Women’s Efforts for Reform." EVN Report (July 11, 2019).

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"The 'New Woman' for the 'New Nation:' The Woman’s Question and Feminism Defined Among Ottoman Armenians. EVN Report (March 8, 2020).