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Associate Professor at the College of Business and Economics & Vice-Provost for Integration at the American University of Armenia
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Associate Professor
College of Business and Economics

BUS 295 Research Methods
BUS299 Capstone Business Simulation
BUS218 Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development

Office hours: TBD for Spring 2023
Room: 603M

Financial inclusion
Multidimensional poverty
Gender studies
Conflict studies

April 2015- June 2022 BA in Business Program Chair
July 2022 to present Vice-Provost for Integration

My view: (Please briefly describe your view on the three concepts below)

Serves as a vital tool for development, advancement and contribution.
Paves the way for understanding the complexity and unfolding the truth.
Sharing knowledge, engaging with wider communities of interest and societal layer, networking.

Short Bio:

Knar Khachatryan holds a PhD in Management from SKEMA Business School, France, and a double degree of Doctorate in Economics from University of Nice, France. Her scholarly activity focuses on financial inclusion, poverty, gender and conflict studies. Her recent publications have appeared in International Migration, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, Review of Development Economics, Journal of Eastern European Economics. She is an Associate Researcher at the Center for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi), Belgium.


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