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Uros Prokic
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Uros Prokic, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the American University of Armenia. PhD Portland State University, MA University of Sydney, BAs APU.
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Assistant Professor
College of Humanities and Social Sciences - PSIA/PG
060 61 2672

AUA Office: 135W, Paramaz Avedisian Building

PG101 - Politics and Governance
PSIA344 - Public Policy Analysis
PSIA352 - Economics for Political Science
PSIA345 - Development Policy and Strategy

Office Hours (Spring 2022):
Tuesdays: 16:00-18:00
Wednesdays: 17:00-18:30
Zoom by appointment only

Research Interests:
- Minority Nationalism / Minority Politics
- Acculturation Models
- Autonomy Policy
- Vojvodinian Politics

Research Projects:
-PERITIA PROJECT - Policy, Expertise and Trust

My view: (Please briefly describe your view on the three concepts below)

We might not be able to change the world, our community, or our partners. However, we are able to change ourselves, which is the start for all meaningful change. An educated mind is the only way to accomplish this highest of human endeavors in realizing self-actualization. After all, only an educated mind is a self-aware and self-critical. My hope is to foster a zeal for lifelong learning in my students.
I consider research as a double hermeneutic circle in which two separate circles of pre-understanding and pre-conceptualization intersect at two distinct points, generating deeper understanding and more robust conceptualization. The area between these two points constitutes “true” knowledge. Research should be fearless in its pursuit of true critical knowledge, acknowledging the treacherous path from pre-knowledge to knowledge, from pre-conceptualization to conceptualization. At times such research entails a critical, if not fearless, view of the premises and institutions upon which previous research rests.
Outreach involves a precarious equilibrium balancing between the individual and the collective; between self-interest and self-sacrifice. I believe that outreach should adopt a bottom-up collaborate process in which we serve our community and each other for the collective good.

Short Bio:

I was born in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. I spent my childhood and adolescence in Dubai, UAE. I have worked and studied across the world including the United States, Australia, and the UK. I hold two BA degrees in Philosophy and Religion, an MA degree in International Studies, and a PhD in Public Affairs and Policy. Before moving to Armenia, I used to be a researcher and political science lecturer in the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University. I come to AUA with a zeal for teaching and research in the areas of ex-Yugoslav politics, minority policy, and autonomy arrangements.


Prokic, U. (2016). How Has Religiosity Influenced the Restrictiveness of Marriage Immigration Policy in Serbia, Denmark, and the United States? Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs, 1(1), 1-13.
Prokic, U. (2021). Marko Grdesic. The Shape of Populism: Serbia before the Dissolution of Yugoslavia. Journal Southeastern Europe, 45(1), 155-157.
Prokic, U. (2022). Hume’s “Third Way”: A Pareto Optimal Account of Convention. International Journal of Applied Philosophy, 35(2), 253-272.

Prokic, U. (2019). Ethnonational Identity and Detached Lives in a Serbian Province: A Study of Parallelism Among Vojvodina’s Hungarian Community. Dissertation and Theses. Paper 5413.